Technology & Machines

Special machines and systems, with the use of which we provide services, allow cleaning any glass, aluminum, concrete or made of precious stones surfaces . Furthermore using various types of abrasives, pads and chemicals allows us to clean all façades, elevations and industrial installations.

In addition, thanks to technologies and chemistry that are ecological, we do not pollute the environment.

IONIC System

 IONIC Systems Cleaning with demineralized water.

  • It's a reliable technology that's more effective than conventional method.
  • Easily removes contaminants from different surfaces without leaving stains or marks.
  • With the telescopic poles you can easily clean hard-to-reach areas up to 22 m high. The poles are made of glass or carbon fiber, specially designed to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly technology - no need for chemicals or detergents.

Water only cleaned surfaces remain cleaner for longer than with additional cleaning agents.

  • The window frames are cleaned at the same time as the glass.
  • During operation, the operator does not infringe the privacy of the residents of the building.
  • The cleaning process is much faster, no ladder required.
  • What distinguishes us from our competitors is the use of water heating system, which gives even better results in removing stubborn contaminants.
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations in accordance with European law.

Hos Orbot System

Hos Orbot Vibe  - Multitasking orbital device

It is the most compact and versatile machine for cleaning floors and carpets in both commercial and residential buildings. This unique system is also compatible with a wide range of brushes and pads for cleaning, scrubbing, stone polishing and carpet washing.

  • The certificate was issued by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) as a deep carpet cleaning system.
  • One machine for thorough cleaning, periodic cleaning and maintenance.
  • Reduced drying time of textile carpets.
  • No repetition of old stains - cleaned stains do not reappear after drying.
  • Restoring concrete floors to their previous state, making them look like new.
  • No chemicals are required.
  • Proven reliability of Orbot Technology.
  • Highest efficiency with minimal effort.

Space Vac System

SpaceVac International the safest way to clean areas that are difficult to access at heights.

  • The system is operated by the operator standing on the ground, which eliminates the need for ladders, scaffolding, etc., reducing costs and time.
  • Effective surface cleaning at heights of up to 15 m, including previously unattainable areas.
  • Suction pipes with ultralight and robust design. Enables easy manoeuvring and reduces operator fatigue.

Soda Blast System

SodaBlast System - ecological removal of paints and impurities with the use of spraying of baking soda in different granules

  • SodaBlast Systems' innovative soda technology enables not only the safe removal of various types of impurities, but also to obtain prior roughness for painting.
  • SodaBlaster machines allow the use of a variety of granulated cleaners (wiper), which include not only baking soda, but also sand, granulated glass and other materials that allow to achieve different effects.

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