Facilities service

We are the company specializing in the comprehensive provision of professional cleaning services of a very wide range, in all types of facilities, e.g. commercial, public utilities and at the request of private persons

Before beginning the work at a new indicated facility our employees undergo training on already serviced facilities and only after verification are directed to the target object, what allows us to avoid the staff turnover, so much unwanted by the tenants. Such training and the system of rewards and bonuses allows us to boast of very good effects in the form of 1-3% rotation in our personnel resources

We ensure that during performing our services we use equipment with a high technical standard and cleaning agents with a gentle impact on the surroundings and the natural environment. We apply agents both Polish and foreign, which have Polish approvals.

In order to provide the best quality of services we have well trained staff, means, machines and equipment for our disposal. The company's staff is under the constant supervision of the coordinator-manager, who can be in constant contact with the client (mobile phone) and remove all existing problems. Each employee is equipped with work clothes, what makes it very easy to identify our company.

Our key advantage over the competition is the flexibility of the company and adjustment of the management staff to the customer's needs. Staff is not overloaded with excess work, hence we can handle each contract with great care. It gives tangible benefits in supervision and contacts with the client, whom we are able to reach within 1 hour, 24 hours a day. Our works are oriented in such a way that both tenants and contractors have as few comments as possible, which is why we rely on building controls in a "reporting" manner..

Every day, site supervision provides information to the manager of the facility, which controls the facility in pre-arranged terms, but not less than 2 times a week. In addition, a report on the round of the object is passed once a week to the administrator. Such supervision eliminates many comments before they appear. After possible disclosure of defects, we are able to remove them within 2 hours from receiving information.

We support such buildings as:

1. Class A office buildings

- Cisco SystemsPoland Sp. from o. O.

- Business Point S.A.

- König Stahl Sp. z o.o.

- Scala Epicor Software Poland Sp. z o.o.


2.   Warehouses and production halls

- Business Point S.A.

- Prosper S.A.

- City Point Sp z o.o.

- Kosmepol Sp. z o.o.

- Martelli Business Park in Błonie


3.    Housing communities and apartment buildings

- Wspólnota Mieszkaniowa „Osiedle Borki”

- Administion of Bródno Osiedla „Topolowe”

- The Kondratowicz administration


4.    Public buildings

- District Court for Warsaw Praga

- District Court in Pruszków

- District Court in Warsaw

- District Court in Piaseczno

- District Court in Grodzisk Mazowiecki

- Ministry of Infrastructure


The total area of cleaned surfaces is 586,880 m2.

Below is a shortened catalog of our services:

  • ground cleaning – consists in thorough and complete cleaning and removal of accumulated dirt. This kind of work is carried out in longer time intervals if the facility is not cleaned up on a regular basis,
  • current cleaning – daily or regular cleaning the facility necessary to ensure cleanliness at workplaces and hygiene of equipment and sanitary facilities,
  • glass surfaces cleaning – single or multi-sided glass surfaces and frames cleaning,
  • washing carpets and fitted carpets using devices from KARCHER, WETROK, NILFISK, ORBOT,
  • maintenance of marble and derivatives surfaces using machinery and equipment by TASKI, WETROK, ORBOT,
  • protection of stone and artificial surfaces with polymer-acrylic layers from SWISCH, KARCHER, TANA,
  • cleaning outdoor areas, mowing grass, snow removal
  • warehouses and production halls cleaning,
  • snow removal from roofs,
  • we have permanent contracts for the supply of chemicals and hygiene measures.