Employee leasing

How do we work?


We prepare an offer which you will then receive along with all information regarding costs and deadlines. The price of services will depend on the number of employees and their positions, as well as on the planned length of cooperation.


After recruitment, we deal with the legalization of residence and work, as well as the preparation of relevant documents for employees. Employees are subject to regulations of the Labor Code - they will be employed under a contract of employment. We provide full HR and payroll services (insurance, health and safety training, settlement of hours, payment of wages). As an employer, we are legally accountable to state institutions.

What are the BENEFITS of working with our company?

  • full HR, payroll and administrative support;
  • no costs of recruitment and personnel selection;
  • the customer ceases to be a part of the employment contract in relation to employees;
  • we are flexible and, depending on the needs, we react to increasing/reducing the need for employees or the need to replace them;
  • simple calculation of labor costs is calculated on the basis of the product of hourly rate - VAT invoice
  • WE ARE NOT a Temporary Employment Agency! We offer leasing, in which the parties are: our company and employee. In temporary work there are three parts and this is a civil-law contact.